Happy New Year

Hello! I know that I haven’t posted in a while but I have been very busy lately. For 3 weekends in a row i’ve had County Championships for my swimming club, which meant that it was difficult to post but I managed to do things like homework throughout the weeks and have stayed on track. I have now finished my volunteering section of my DofE and have a month left of the skills section I think. I will try and remember to post more often through January and February because I don’t have Counties for 2 weeks and will be able to post at least once. For the most of today, I was binging Brooklyn 99 for the 5th time because I am obsessed with the show right now! I recommend it. Just to let you know, my Twitter page is up and you can find the link on my previous post. I can also try and remember to attach the link to my website so it’s easier to get to. Thanks for reading, bye!

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