It’s been AGES!

I’m so sorry that I’ve been so inactive! Recently, there’s been lots going on that I need to talk about. I had a basketball tournament and it ended up very badly because our team was made up of lots of small people. The two other teams were made up of lots of tall people, and fast people. So we lost ALL of our matches, but we still had fun and had smiles on our faces 😂 My week hasn’t been the most interesting, because it’s just been the same old school timetable, every day! Tomorrow I have Product Design, where we are making letter projects and on Tuesday we are finishing up our Sketch Up ideas for the wooden box we made. I am about to play on my PS4 with my friends, so I will try and post tomorrow, if not, I will let you know when on my Instagram story/page. Thankyou for reading, I hope you check out my Instagram page and more of this website. Don’t forget to share my pages and let everyone know! Bye!

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