How is everyone?

Hey! It’s Laura once again. I’m at my Nan Nan’s house today, and hopefully my cousin will be back soon from his Scouts meeting. At the moment i’m watching an old film that i have no idea what it’s called. It’s really wierd right now as there is a man throwing a coconut into a pool 🤣 I‘m quite bored, and need someone to talk to about anything really. I’m also really warm because her heater is on and for some reason i’m wearing my coat inside… anyway, I think that my Granddad is going to come back any minute and then I’m going out to fetch my cousin. So goodbye for now!! Continue reading

Checking In!

Hey guys! It’s Laura and I’m back again after a busy week! At the moment, I’m trying to create an 8D audio track using an app called Audacity on my laptop. It sounds really good and I look forwards to sharing it with you guys later, when it’s finished! Today I have had a maths test which went pretty well, but I didn’t have Product Design on my timetable today 🙁 However, today I found out that Friday is non-school uniform day for Children In Need. Yes, I know that it was last week, but the year 11’s were on a trip so we weren’t allowed to do anything! But at least we are doing something now. Got to finish my audio soundtrack, so goodbye for now! Don’t forget to follow my account on Instagram, and make sure to like my latest posts! See you soon. Laura

Hello! :)

Hi everyone! It’s Laura here. I had spaghetti for lunch! I’ve also done LOTS of homework and revision today, as there are setting tests next week. Me and my family are going to see Les Miserables tomorrow, for the 2nd time in 5 days! We have really good seats, near the front row and I’m so excited. Don’t forget to visit my Forum page to discuss the latest topics!