The Time Travellers Wife..

In this post I am going to talk about the film and the book.. I think that most people who have read and seen the film will agree that the book is A LOT better than the film. I was so shocked at the film, I understand that you can’t fit every single last detail into the film like you can in a book but the amount they missed out, it really made me angry.. but it showed me that I can recommend the book to everyone :)

As I mentioned above, they missed out parts from the book, one thing that is missing is that they don’t show when Claire’s mother dies, it’s such a shame because that is a very important moment in both of Henry and Claire. It just doesn’t make sense why they left something so important out.

Prague.. One of the most beautiful places for a holiday :)

Sooo, I went to Prague with Tom this month :) Oh my god it was so lush.. warmer there than it was in England, which makes no sense at all.

Firstly I am going to talk about places that you should go to or places I really wanted to go to and we didn’t get chance. If any of you have been there before, tell me places you’ve been or want to go too. The first place I am going to tell you about is the John Lennon wall, it is so beautiful.. Tom loved it as did I. Here some pictures so you can see some of it :) The John Lennon wall was definitely one of the highlights because this time I was older and probably a lot more mature so appreciate the art more, I think. I definitely recommend it to any of you who go there :D


The second highlight of the holiday was the food, aw nom nom, was really lush! :D On the first night we had pizza, my lord it was massive! :O sooo filling too, me and Tom felt so fat I swear we woddled back to the hotel after we went to go find Tesco :) yes.. I know we went to Tesco on a foreign holiday, but we just wanted to see if it was different lol! :P It clearly wasn’t different.. :( On the second night me and Tom had walked around all day so we thought we would look around where we had been walking, we weren’t sure if we shoulda gone to a traditional Czech restaurant but we decided to go for an all round random foods including  traditional Czech foods, Tom went for a pork schnitzel which was sooo tasty! I had a classic British dish, steak and chips. I will put a picture on underneath, the steak was the size of my face.. it was massive! Was definitely a lush lush steak :) we also had amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing HONEY CAKE! Its like the yummiest cake ever, you have to find a recipe for it! :D On the last night, me and Tom both went for goulash, it was lush I actually am going to find a recipe and cook it for us I think, the meat melts in your mouth, the dumplings especially the bacon one.. was lush! We had amazing starters too, I had like a mini jacket potatoe with salad and bacon it was just like homely and tasty, I loved Toms loads too he had garlic soup.. oh my god nom nom nom nom! Those nom’s could go on forever :) lol.

We went to Charles bridge and it was so beautiful, there were padlocks on them with peoples names with hearts explaining their love for each other :) it was so cute, There is some pictures below :D Me and Tom wanted to get a padlock and a marker so we could write on it but we had no idea where to get the padlock, one of the funniest things we saw on it though was a bike lock.. Must of been a couple who loved cycling! :D It was so close to the John Lennon.

We also went to Prague castle, to be honest we thought it would be more impressive. The only thing I participially liked was the beautiful windows in the church on sight. The problem is that it was really pretty, but it did feel as if there wasn’t much to see. It is a shame :( We were going to the brewery but we decided against it and walked down some steps, we found the cutest little cafe, it was as if  the mad hatter from Alice and wonderland owned it, it was odd in Prague though because literally everywhere sold alcohol including this little cafe. So Tom had a massive litre full of beer and I decided on home made lemonade which was yummy as yumminess can go. We also had some afternoon cakes :P I had a caramel doughnut and Tom had a honey cake, we both decided the one the night before was better because it came with chocolate sauce :)

Sooo, if I think of anything else I loved or go on another holiday I will be sure to tell you all these things :) Happy holidays and enjoy yourselves :D x

Bit of an update..

So an update for all of you :)

Its been Christmas, now its 2012!  Wonder if this year will go as quickly.

Well, I am still the same old Anna, but two big bits of news..

Firstly I am moving in with my lovely boyfriend Tom :D I can’t wait, so excited!! Secondly, I am going to go to Arts University College of Bournemouth to do a part time evening course to do with interior design, I can’t wait for that either :D

Hopefully be able to get a job down there too, don’t want to sponge off Tom or my mum..

So yeah as I said, I am going to live with Tom. I smile every time I think, say or type it, how lame.

Anyway, I am hoping to stay with Tom till the summer or if we are both in Bournemouth next year hopefully living with each other again.. maybe. A lot of people think that Tom is going to kill me by the end of this, I hope not.. I hope he is going to love it as much as I do. Even though were going to get stressed with each other but we have been through a lot this past year so I believe we will be able to sort stuff out :) ahhh I can’t wait! The second awesome thing about it is, I am about half an hour from one of my best friends Bex so I will have someone to shop with when Tom is working or doing uni work.. Yay! :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Also so excited for the beach times in the summer :P


Right, the course I am going to do is an interior design course, it opens your mind to what you could do if you are thinking of decorating or if you are just interested in it (like I am).  Personally I would love to design some rooms too, be so much fun! Even though it is only ten weeks long, I think I will learn a lot from it and definitely want to do other courses to further my knowledge, maybe even go to uni one day.. but that is a long far away at the moment :) I just went through all the equipment I needed for the course with Tom, I was asking stupid questions because I forgot what a set square was.. so I quickly googled it, Christ I do have a lot to learn :) Been out of education for a while.. lol :)

Anyway, I am off to watch Eastenders now.

Will write again soon :)


Tis Christmassssssssssss!

So its nearly Christmas! :D

I’m quite excited as I just got my first advent calendar, (I’ll be getting a second one from my Tom) woop woop!  This year me and my boyfriend are spending it together with my family, I am literally ecstatic about it! Every time I think about it I get the biggest grin from ear to ear.  As my boyfriend is here this Christmas, it means I get two stockings. I feel so spoilt, I love it. I am also getting Tom a stocking, he is getting so annoyed because I wont tell him what presents he’s getting :P I’m overly excited for Christmas morning now, I get to wake up in the arms of the man I love and have lots of cuddles… and maybe more on the lovely festive morning ;) lol! Who are you guys spending Christmas with?

Sadly my sister will be with her boyfriend’s family this Christmas, that does suck quite a bit because she is the biggest kid out of all of us, she is 24, the oldest of all of us! Nicola, the sister, is always the one who comes and jumps on your bed on Christmas morning to wake you up.  My god she can be a pain in the bum, :) I hope she isn’t reading this. She is the one who usually makes Christmas breakfast too which is always so yummy, but this year it is up to me and Tom.

We’ve had lots of ideas about breakfast, our main idea is to have different cheeses, rolls, meats and bagels, like a tasty continental breakfast. If you have any other idea’s send me a link or write the idea/recipe down for me, I would appreciate it very much.

Talking about all this food is making me  hungry so I am going to have lunch.

Merry Christmas Guys & Girls, Lots of Love xx

Well, My First Blog Post : )


As you might have read I’m Anna. : )

Today I am going to write about the type of clothes I love and also an outfit I have made up in my head. I will have to describe them as I haven’t got pictures of the outfits. I’m also going to mention some of my favourite shops, I hope you agree with me on some of them.


Hmm, My favourite shops are – New Look, Miss Selfridge, Primark, H&M, Topshop (can barely afford it though, bad times) and sometimes Peacocks.

Well, now I want to discuss jeggings! I think they are awesome, but my boyfriend Tom isn’t so keen. He wants to see me in them when we go shopping so he can decide if he wants me to buy them or not. The thing is, I never wear any type of trousers, I basically live in skirts leggings and tights, so I really want a pair of jeggings, so unfair! : ( I suppose I will have to make myself extra hot that day so he’s like :O “yes yes you should get them” lol!!

What do you lot think of them? Should I give up on jeggings or go out and buy a pair?!

Another thing I desperately want, is a dark green shirt. At the moment I have obsession with shirts, I think you can dress them down really well or make them really smart. If anyone knows where to get a really nice one, please let me know? :D

Hmmm, Right! Now I am going to talk about the outfits that I think look pretty together. This one I haven’t worn before, but it includes something I would like to buy. I imagine that a nice dark green shirt, a black skirt (preferable pencil style) with black tights and rich dark purple high heeled shoes, would look b-e-a-yoootiful together. : )

The second outfit which I am going to talk about could be worn casually unlike the one above which is more for going out with the girlies. Onto the outfit, so it’s a pair of jeans or jeggings, (which ever you are most comfortable in, you know what I would choose ; ) lol) now that we have the demins, its time for the top half, a nice dark orange sleeveless shirt, a cream or white strap top and you can add a nice dark brown bag and boots. If you wanted you could add some nice gold or silver jewellery too and definitely a lovely thick scarf to keep warm : )

That is enough for now, if you think of any more, be sure to let me know.

Thank youuuu! :D xxx